Characteristics of Good Work Staions Layout


  • All works (components) should be placed as closer as possible to the operator for easy reach. so that operators need not to move and their will be reduction in idle time for workers as well as machines.

  • Work should be presented in correct way for easy bundling, unbundling and quick pick up form required workstations.

  • Nothing should stuck operators during picking up and disposing components. At least on side should be free of obstruction so that worker if want can move easily without any hinderance.

  • Keep movable bins or trolleys to dispose finished work. depending upon the different types of layout different arrangements of movements of products can be arranged like center tables, over head hangers, etc.

  • Operators must have enough space on the table to handle the garment parts. If required add table extension near operator and left side of the machine.

  • Enough space should be provided in between two machine for operator movement.

  • Use jig and folders wherever required.

  • If you provide trimmer (for thread cutting) to operator define a space for it. if their is any manual work is going on then provide a better workstations for that.

  • Provide height adjustable chair.

  • Provides mats for helpers in a sewing line so that they can stand for long hours working.



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