Basic Principle of Working of Industrial Metal Detector

  • The basic principle of operation for the common industrial metal detector is based on a 3 coil design. This design utilizes an amplitude modulated transmitting coil and two receiving coil one on the either side of the transmitter. The design and physical configuration of the receiving coils are instrumental in ability to detect very small metal contaminants of 1 mm or smaller.

  • The coil configuration is such that it creates an opening whereby the products passes through the coils. the passes allows the product to enter & exit through the coil system producing an equal but mirrored signals on the two receiving coils. The resultant signals are summed together effectively nullifying each other.

  • When a metal contaminants is introduced in the product an equal disturbance is created. This then create a very small electronic signal that is amplified through special electronics. The amplifications produced then signals a mechanical device mounted on the conveyor system to remove the contaminated product from the production Line.


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