Centerless grinding process

  • Centerless grinding process is a machining process in which abrasive cutters are used to remove materials from work piece.
  • In this process work piece is secured between two rotary grinding wheels. grinding wheels are rotating in same direction with different speeds. the relative speeds between two grinding wheels determines the rate of removal of materials from the work piece.
  • This process are used when many parts need to be processed in a short time.


  • In centerless grinding process, the work piece is held between two grinding wheels rotating in same direction at different speeds.
  • One wheel is known as grinding wheel(Stationary wheel) which is running on fixed axis and rotates such that the force applied to the work piece is directed downward against the work holding platform. This wheel usually perform the grinding action by having a higher tangential speed then the work piece at the point of contact.
  • ┬áthe other wheel, known as the regulating wheel is movable in lateral direction and provide lateral pressure to work piece and usually have very rough or rubber bonded abrasive to trap the work piece.
  • during operation work piece turns with the regulating wheel with the same linear velocity at the point of contact.(Ideally work piece and regulating wheel have same speed).
  • The grinding wheel is turning fast as compared to work piece and removes the material from the work piece using shearing actions.


The centerless grinding process is used for the highly finished grinding operation where same pieces are manufactured at huge amount like rotating shafts.


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