Cause of Skipping Stitches

Reasons for Skip Stitches: 

During Long stitching Skip stitch problems are more prominent. operations Like Waistband Attach, Side Seaming, In seaming, these problems are more common.

Below are the detailed reason for skip stitch Problem:

  • Needle sizes has not been selected correctly as per technical sheets advised by Buyer.
  • Needle sizes to thread Tex ration need to be always correctly selected.
  • Need to choose correct thread Tex for Needle thread and Looper thread as unknowingly it has been selected wrong and it gives major problem during Loop chain forming and no one care much more about it.
  • Needle and Bobbin/shuttle/thread timing not done correctly.
  • Needle not correctly inserted in the needle bar.
  • Needle eye hole is too small for the thread used.
  • Needle length is short for the specific machines.
  • Blunt or Band needles has been used for production.
  • If zipper foot is used, the edge of foot is too far away from the needles.
  • Needle threaded incorrectly.
  • Needle hole in throat plate is too large.
  • Pressure is too light.
  • Upper tension too tight.
  • Upper thread and Bobbin thread of different size and or type.

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