Needle breaking: Causes & Soultion

img_20161109_182839Breaking of Needles during production is the worst problem during production. It is the problem creating kill garments during production and it is causing complete loss of value of the Garments. also it may get Inside the garments which if missed during production, it will cause ultimate damage to user.

Following below are the methods to control the issues of breaking needles:

  • Uses of proper size of Needles considering thread and Fabric to be sewn.
  • to ensure that pressure foot or attachment is securely fastened to the bar and the needle goes through the center of the hole.
  • Operators should avoid pulling fabric during the sewing process. the needle may become bent and strike back to thorat plate hole.
  • Use a needle that is the correct length. if it is too ling it will come in contact with bobbin case and break. if it is too short stitches can not interlock and skip stitch will come.
  • It need to be ensured that needle is tightly fastened in the needle bar. also we need to ensure that pressure foot is also tightly fastened.
  • swing near thicker area and mouth area of chain should be carefully done or it may cause braking of needles.
  • if timing of Needle and Bobbin case has not been done properly by Machine mechanic, it can cause braking of needles.

We can not control the breaking of needles completely but we can minimizes the chances of breaking needles by using the above points.


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