Machine Maintenance performance Improvement

Prepare a checklist  what mechanics need to do:

Prepare a check list what all things Mechanic need to do on daily basis. They should have plan for scheduled machine maintenance plan with other works like planning for machine requirement, attachment, guides and presser foots required for next style.

Prepare Maintenance schedule and Strictly follow it:

The first step is setting up the preventive maintenance program is proper scheduling of the maintenance plan. Make a database of all types of sewing machines and other machines you have in the factory. Other machines like cutting machines, pressing tables, irons etc. You must have machine numbers on each machine types. Keep account of number of machines operational and number of machines those are not in use.

Make machine maintenance card and hang this cards on each machine to stop forgetting and missing checking of any machine on the scheduled date. Include list of thing to check in the machine maintenance card.

Improving awareness and motivating maintenance team:

In the sewing factory maintenance department involved in providing machine pressure foots, work guides and attachment. Industrial engineering department needs to share style information and list of machines, attachment and guides required for the upcoming orders with the production schedule of the upcoming orders with the maintenance department.

If a factory is giving incentive to sewing operators and other staff, maintenance department needs to be included in performance incentive scheme.

Prepare maintenance of records and reports:

Accurate recording of the day to day maintenance work is essential for exercising effective control over the maintenance program, planning, the replacement and procurement of store and spares.

Initiate making a record of machine breakdown time daily, type of machines that got a breakdown, the time required to repair or restart the machine. This record will help you to find the top 20% machines that cause 80% of the machine breakdown.


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